For employers

Are you getting downgrading sales caused by lack of employees? Your necessity for the personnel varies by time? Contact us, we will provide you employers for the limited time: for hours, days weeks or months.

For employees

Are you looking for permanent or fixed term job? Do you want to challenge yourself at various of occupations and job branches? Are you on vacation and want to earn some extra money? Due to certain circumstances you can't work in full-time job? Have you returned from abroad and looking for a job? The flexibility of offered vacancies allows you to adjust the time and scope of work to your activities and commitments. If you are interested in employing, feel free to submit an application. Apply and submit your CV online.

Machine repair

We will take care of the comprehensive repair of your machines with the use of original parts or replacements

Repair Valuation

If you want to know how much your machine repair will cost, you just need to do a few things:

  • Tell us a model, type, kind, year of production and serial number of your machine
  • Tell the location of your broken machine
  • Describe a type of damage in details
  • Send us a few photos of the damage
  • Specify if the repair should be done with the original parts or with the replacements
  • Tell us if you are able to bring your machine to our repair shop
Making Machine Parts
  • we make and regenerate drive wheels – pulleys and gears , axles, cylinders, piston rods, transmission gears, reducers, housings, pins, bushes, we weld damaged parts and many others
  • we will make a new part based on the old damaged one
Balancing elements

We disassemble, repair and re-install balanced components:

  • for compost / manure spreaders
  • grain combine harvester (threshing drum, straw chopper)
  • pump and fan impellers, pulleys
  • drive shafts, crank shafts, automotive couplings, brake discs
  • elements of turbochargers
  • wire motors for electric motors
  • and other elements that require balancing

Assistance in agribusiness and farming investments – we help farmers and companies in choosing machines and technical devices so they will fit clients needs. We point out which features should be important or which options should we resign to avoid unnecessary extra investment costs.

Operators retail
  • drivers with actual certification to drive vehicles of category: A, B, BE, T, C, CE, HDS, course for transporting objects – 95 code
  • operators of: Excavators, backhoe loaders, single-bucket loaders, telescopic loaders, forklifts, tractors and agricultural machinery
Farming services

We offer farming services in traditional, simplified and zero system:

  • digging, grubbing, soil disking, seeding, subsoiling, spraying fertilizers, crop-dusting
  • crops cleaning and dressing

tel: 600 600 108